Thursday, March 23, 2006

More rejection

Aww well. I kind of thought that I would be more bothered by it. Right now though it means so little with everything else that is going on. House full of sickos over here. Journey had his first ear infection. It's really the first time that he's been sick since he was born. Ya! for breastfeeding. Then Kenzie got an ear infection, poor thing. They are both feeling better now. Dh has the cold that caused the kids ear infections now. My poor, pitiful husband. He gets sick at the drop of the hat, impaired immune system, no spleen. On other notes sorry Jen. I just haven't had much time to edit. I was hoping since the kids are better than dh would watch them but now he's sick. Don't worry I'll get it soon. I can't leave you hanging as to the sex of the babies now can I.

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