Tuesday, March 28, 2006

May be MIA

My sil is coming to visit us. She's bringing her 12 yr. son with her. We'll be going to some local spots. I don't really know where. When we first came up here we went to the Fort Walla Walla museum but it's closed right now. So, the park, some wineries. Heck if I know, not too good at entertaining. On other notes. Wifi here is on the fritz again. Drives me insane.

Spring is here. I'm gong to take the kids out with cameras and we are going to capture some spring pictures. I LOVE Spring!

Journey has been doing this little purring noise. He sounds like a boat motor when he really gets going. It cracks me up. Also "mamamama" all the time, seems like especially whenever I am in front of the sink. I think it's his love of water. He's fascinated with the vacuum. Today I had the hose attachment out and was cleaning the cushions of the dinette. I set the hose down for a second to move the cushion. He crawls over and sucks his cheek up. He was more fascinated than scared. I was laughing hysterically, after I removed it of course. Don't worry, no vacuum hickeys for him.

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Earthchild618 said...

Have a great time with your sis! So jealous that spring is there and not here!