Tuesday, May 30, 2006

High Desert Museum

While my mom was down we went to visit the High Desert Museum. It was really cool. There are several indoor and outdoor exhibits. There is so much stuff that it'll take more than one day to cover it all. I am thinking of getting a membership since we will be here all summer. The kids favorite exhibit was the river otter. You could see it above water and then below around the side of the tank. It came right up to the window.

There was a birds of prey exhibit.

I was probably 3 feet from a turkey vulture. Then they brought out a merlin, a small falcon, and a snowy owl. They were right there, you could practicaly touch them. It was really fascinating. Of course the kids got tired of it long before the adults did

There was an old saw mill and cabin that you could walk through. An interactive kids site that they could put on costumes and play with puppets. There were fish tanks with salmon and trout in them, (that was Journey's favorite). There was a rattlesnake, a couple scorpians and some lizards. The kids were more interested in the animals than any historical information. But they had a really interesting Native American exhibit. The lights were dimmed low and they had music and background noise playing. Several different teepees were inside and out.

Happy 1st Birthday Journey

It's gone by way too fast but here it is. You are one year old already. You are walking, climbing and pestering your siblings. You're shy and sweet. You are scared of dogs but love cats. You are a dipper, love ketchup, mayo and ranch dressing. You are willing to try anything at least twice. You want to do anything that big brother or big sister are doing and don't let your limitations frustrate you. You are amazing and astounding. I cherish everyday that I get to spend with you. I love you little dude.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Poor things

Well the baby fish did not make it. I think they got eaten by the frog. Poor momma. So we went out an got a couple more fish because the kids were so dissapointed. I am glad that we don't have any other pets. They keep asking for a kitten or a puppy but it's just too much work and not really fair to the animals to be living in such a small space.

I'm thinking about starting up a home business. Making dress up clothes. I don't know how it would work. I already have a lot on my plate and finding time to sew would be hard. But Randy supports me. Said that if it gets up and running he'll learn to sew and help me. That'll be interesting. I think he's excited for any chance to get out of his job and is willing to let me try just about anything I want. I think that it could be fun and rewarding but I don't know anything about running a business. Jeez I can't even balance my checkbook. How am I supposed to keep track of the finances? I'll make up a few things and see if they sell on E-bay. If so I guess I'll read up on small business and interenet business. There is a lot of literature out there nowadays. Okay enough babbling.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Well I killed our old fish and after a proper period of mourning we recently aquired some new ones. Well we bought four guppies yesterday and this morning were suprised to find 10 fish in our tank. Yes one of my fish is a momma. Must have been pregnant when I got her. Not sure how that happened because they kept male and females in different tanks. The kids are very happy and excited. The babies are about the size of a grain of rice. Very tiny, silvery-grey things. They flit about very fast and excited. The fish and the children.

Speaking of flitting. Journey has started walking. He's getting quiet good at it. Letting go and walking a few feet now before he plops onto his butt. He has yeat to fall face first. Smart boy, learned to fall first. He is also practicing standing and bending over and picking things up. He is so proud of himself when he does this. It's so cute the huge grin on his face and the squeeling noises. Now I'm sad because he's growing up too fast.

where we are now

Central Oregon.
Hot, high desert. Although I've been surprised at how much rain we've been getting. For the last few days there have been thunderstorms every evening. Morning is hot and sunny. I've gotten burnt alread. Curse my fair skin. They kids however are all tanning like the the bunch of injuns that they are. I'm sure that is politically incorrect. Should I have said Native Americans? Don't really care. Journey seems to be the only one who has inherited my fair skin, he also has red hair. Where did that come from?

Our park is surrounded by pine trees. We have had a little furry, fluffy tailed visitor a couple evenings. Very cute but not friendly. Turn your head towards it and it bolts. There are lots of birds. I bought a book with North American wildlife for the kids to try and identify some animals, bugs and plants. So far we havn't seen anything really exciting other than the bunny.

We went to see the largest pine tree in Oregon. Not really that tall, i think that the top fell off at some point. But the circumfranse was enormous. It's estimated to be over 500 years old. That's really old here in logging teritorry. I left my camera at my mom's so I will post pictures later.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cottage Grove, Oregon

We were staying in the Cottage Grove area for two weeks. I love it down there. I think I love it mostly because that's where my husband and I grew up. Our families still live there. My husband's family has been there so long that they have a road named after them. It was wonderful visiting with our families. I had a daquari party with my mom and sister. Went shopping for books with my sister in law. We went to the park and ate ice cream. Just hung out together. I am one of those lucky people who happened to have married into a family that I love just as much as my own. They are wonderful supportive people.

We stayed in the Village Green Park the first week because it was close to in laws. But it was right next to Walmart and there were some weirdos camping out in the parking lot there so we moved. But it would be nice if you were staying in the hotel. It used to be a luxery resort and has the most amazing gardens. It got neglected for several years but there are new owners that are reviving it.

We moved next to Pass Creek Park, in Curtain, Or. It is a County park that is just lvoely. It has all the rv hookups, showers and laundry facilities. There is a arge pond with geese, ducks and about a dozen goslings. There are also two friendly newtria. Which for those of you who haven't seen them are like a cross between a beaver and a rat. Imagine a beaver with a rat tail. So ugly they are almost cute. They come up to the shore and beg like the ducks and geese. There were play structures and picnic tables. We really enjoyed it there. Next on to Central Oregon, Bend area. Will update later.