Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Pics

See Smoky was right, always make sure that your campfire is completely out. This is so much more dramatic in the spring/summer. When there isn't snow on the ground. The amount of devesation is just amazing. Journey took a picture of me. I'm not sure why it ended up all red. I have not edited this except to rotate it.
Covered Bridge. I really love the little town where this is and would love to finally settle down there. It's pretty close to all our family without being close enough that they are over at our house all the time.

How come no one told me?

All this time it has said "The nomadic life of a almost normal family". I can't believe no one corrected my grammer before now. I've had it like that for what almost a year now. I'm sure it wouldn't bother a normal person but that's just gonna annoy me now.

Potty time and claymation

Well I got Journey a potty. It's kind of sad because it's one more step towards him growing up. He likes to sit on it but has yet to "do" anything in it. He is telling me when he goes. Also when he's running around naked he makes pissing sounds like he's going. Boys! So he's interested, lets see how long this takes though. Mckenzie wasn't fully potty trained until he was almost four and Sapphire was just three.

On a totally different note Sapphire has taken up an interest in claymation. She loves to do art projects. Has been making these great tiny incredibly detailed litttle things for the longest time. Well she started making flip books after reading Captain Underpants. I told her that she could to the same kind of thing with her clay. So now she's running off with my camera all the time. It's really cute. She needs to work on some fundimentals, such as the camera should be in the same place everytime you take another photo, that way they actually look like they are moving. But she's figuring it out. I think I need another software program so that I can put them all together to make a little movie. I just slideshow them now. Any ideas on this would be great.