Friday, January 25, 2008

Various thoughts and such...

So I haven't been working much on my writing because my computer just pooped out. Once it gets fixed I'll be able to. Right now I am using my mom's computer for the various things that I do on it. I miss writing though. I feel kind of guilty just leaving my characters in limbo. Poor thing has had a two year pregnancy with twins...

So while we were house hunting hubby and I were fighting like cats and dogs. I swear I was ready to strangle him in his sleep. He just got on my nerves. But now that he's been gone for work all week I miss him like crazy. I can appreciate the relative calm, as calm as it can be with three kids, while he's been gone. It's like the intensity in house has gone down a couple notches. What does that say about our marriage?

I have been thinking about adoption and fostering. I'd like to be a foster mom. Hubby and I have talked about it and he's open to the idea but thinks we need to wait awhile. He wants to wait until we have $10,000 in savings. That will take forever because we just spent every last dollar we had buying this house, and we'll probably need to borrow a few from our parents for closing costs. So we'll have to pay that back. Then the house needs some work. Not huge major things but it's 100 years old, what do you expect. So most of our extra money will be going to towards that. I try and tell him that you don't have to pay to foster like you do with adoption but he wants us to be more stable. I've kind of been feeling that it'll never happen. There's some part of me that doesn't feel as if our family is complete yet. I know that Sapphire wants a little sister. At times I'll look back and think that a child is missing when I check to make sure everyone is buckled in the van. It just feels off. ((SIGH)) All I need is time I suppose, either to convince hubby or reconcile myself to having three children. I know most people think I'm crazy for wanting more. I guess I am a bit.

You knock my socks off!

Any holiday where you get candy is one of my favorites! Hello, my name is Elaina, I am a chocoholic... So of course I love Valentine's Day, I saw this fabric and couldn't resist. It's just too cute.

Hubby was teasing me that I'd have to change the name of my company from Cottage Babies since we'll be moving to Mill City. I don't think Mill Babies has the same ring to it... Maybe just City Babies...? I don't think so.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Recent custom

So a friend and I traded, she sent her fabric in to be made into diapers. They turned out great. Why would anyone use disposables when cloth diapers are so darn cute?!? The insides are minkee and bamboo velour. It's so super soft, I seriously want some underwear made out of this stuff, beats plain ole cotton anyday.

Dragging on and on

I am so ready to move into that house but still no date for closing. It just seems to drag on and on. I'm tired of being stuck in the trailer with the kids. It's fine in the summer but it's just been to cold out to go out and do a lot of stuff lately. There aren't many free indoor things to do. I don't have a local library card because we don't have an address. I'm tired and a little frustrated. I just wish that I could move in tomorrow. Part of the problem is that dh is working out of town all week and only coming home on the weekends so it's just us.

Okay enough pouting. I just finished a trade with another lady. I made diapers for her and she knit some longies and a hat for Journey. I made a shirt to match and a diaper but you can't see that. I'm running low on fabric now. I need to go shopping but nothing is selling right now. So I can't exactly go shopping right now either. So here's to all my inventory selling out and my shopping spree. :)

I also dyed my hair. It's a little funky, I dyed it blond first but I looked too pale and washed out. Now it's red with purple streaks.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Some catch up

So we spent the fall in Cle Elum,'s a small town at the base of Snoqualmie Pass. There is a lot snow there in the winter but I didn't want to stay and see. It's a very beautiful area though. We were lucky enough to live right down the street from other kids. So the kids were in seventh heaven, everyday we would go over visiting. We had so much fun. We plan on going back in the spring once the snow melts.