Tuesday, January 23, 2007


In our backyard, taken by my budding photographer, Sapphire.

Been Busy

Can you be busy and lazy at the same time? I don't know it seems like I'm always doing something and yet nothing is ever getting done. The house is always a mess and the pile of laundry to fold is taller than me. Of course that's not a hard feat with my stature.

Sapphire loves the snow and is always outside. Kenzie however takes after me and hates the cold and whines after about 10 minutes outside. Journey like to see the snow and be outside but doesn't like to touch it or walk in it. So I end up carrying him around.

There is a small mound of dirt around the side of the house from construction of the house. It's perfect for sledding with the little ones. It's only about 4 ft. tall and not very steep. So we got a few sleds. Theres a three person plastic one that I take Journey down the hill with me on. He loves it and says "weeee" the whole way down. However we had our first sledding accident today. Not serious but the plastic sled has kind of sharp side and Kenzie scraped some skin on his finger. It was awful for him though. He kept crying that this is the worst day ever. Of course once he had a bandage on he was running around playing as if nothing happened.

Friday, January 05, 2007


So we've settled down in our new house. Well new to us at least. It feels so huge after being in that little trailer. In fact the master suite is about the same square footage as our whole trailer! I don't know how we are ever going to get back in the trailer when our lease runs out. It'll really feel tight after this.

The kids are loving thier own rooms, making a mess of them and we are constantly fight to keep them clean but they're kids so what's new. We had a great Christmas and New Years. Went down to visit with all the family and had a great time. I got my butt kicked playing a new card game but of course Randy won. So I lost my money but since Randy won the pot I got it back in a round-about way.

We had a quiet New Years with just the kids and us at home staying up late eating junk food and watching TV.

Sapphire is learning cursive, which she thinks is just stupid and squiggly lines. Still for all her arguing she's doing well. She's working on multiplication and division, she does really well with fact families but not so good with testing. But it's just something you have to memorize so she'll get it eventually.

Kenzie is off the wall as usual. We have a ton of snow but he hates getting cold so he's cooped up quite a bit. He's learning to write his letters and loves to read books.

Journey is talking up a storm. Speaking in full sentences and really letting you know what he wants. He suprises me all the time. I think the first full sentence he said was "I want candy" He cracks me up. He such a little comedian. He's always making silly faces or putting things on his head like hats.

We don't have internet service right now. Hope to have some by the end of the week. I'll update more later when I have the chance. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year ahead of you.