Friday, March 24, 2006

Household chores

I really hate to clean. I think it was all that time I spent as a housekeeper at a hotel. Some of the things that I found...we wont' go into that. No really that's just a convenient excuse I have always been a bad housekeeper. Even as a child I surrounded myself with chaos. I think it's just my personality. I don't like things tidy. Not to say that I am a slob. My carpets are vacuumed, my dishes washed and clothes laundered and folded. I just tend to leave books and papers scattered wherever I am at the moment. I always seem to be in the middle of some project that never seems to get finished. I just procrastinate, they do get finished, eventually.

I married a man who enjoys tidiness and order. I know that I drive him insane. He loves me anyway. How tidy are you? Are you one of those clean, everything has it's place kind of people, or a closet pack rat?


Becky said...

I work better in chaos myself. When I have everything cleaned up and in its proper place I can never seem to find it.

Elaina said...

Me too!! My dh cleans and I never know where anything is after that.