Monday, January 30, 2006

New Trick

Journey is learning to pull himself up on the furniture. He's actually getting quite adept. He can crawl right up to the couch or my leg and pull himself up. When he tries to climb up my leg I have to hold on to my pants. A couple times now he has succeeded in pulling my pants down instead of standing up. Now that he has that down he wants to be able to stand up without furniture. He will get on all fours in the living room floor and then straighten his legs so that his butt is sticking straight up in the air. Then he'll shake it around a bit as he tries to push up with his hands. He ends up getting so frustrated that he can't stand up that he complains. It's so funny I imagine that if he could actually speak he'd be cursing.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Along the Colombia Gorge

Traveling along the Colombia river, I let the kids take pictures out of the backseat.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lovely Park

There is a just lovely park here that we love to explore. There is a fountain, playground and an atrium. I think that I am a little more interested in the birds than the kids are. It's been too wet and cold to visit it lately. Wish I could go back to just arrived here weather.

A new start

Almost a year ago my husband and I made the decision to sell our house. Considering it was rather small and I was expecting our third child it doesn't seem like such an unrational step. Well we didn't sell it to buy a bigger house, we sold it to hit the road. After a couple years of seeing my husband only weekends and vacations I was sick of it. So we decided to sell our house, put our belongings in storage and buy a travel trailer. So shortly after our newest addition, Journey, was born we hit the road. We've been doing this since September, it's not too bad. Although I have to say if anything was going to cause a divorce it would these tight quarters. Three kids, one learning to crawl, in ooh maybe 400 sq feet of living space, makes for one "close" knit family.