Thursday, February 16, 2006

Working on my Writing

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions but this year I did. It's to try and get published. So far I have been doing a lot of writing but little, as in none, submitting. There is this little fear inside of me keeping me back. If I don't actually try then I cannot fail. You know? So today I am going to submit two of my favorite stories. Wish me luck. I will report back the news either good or bad when I get it.


Earthchild618 said...

I will be keeping everything crossed for you! Do you know how long it takes to get word back from them?

I see you got your About section back to the top!

Elaina said...

It can take anywhere from two weeks to 4 months.

Earthchild618 said...

Holy crap...I know you read my blog on the you have to make a list of things to do on your wait!