Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our first stop

When we first up and moved it was to the Puget Sound area of Washington. Specifically Poulsbo, Washington. It's an adorable little town. The old town section is very like an old Scandanavian town. There are little cafes, and patisseries, little bookshops and art galleries. It was right on the water. We played at the park, visited the Farmer's market, and bought too sugary cookies. While we lived of Poulsbo we spent most of our time visiting many of the other areas.

We went shopping in Silverdale, at the mall or course. There is a huge playground at the fairgrounds shaped like an fort. The kids spent hours playing there.There was always lots of other kids to play with and the days were sunny and warm.

We went to Bainbridge Island several times to play on the beach. The kids would build sand castles and collect sea shells. Journey spent most of the time napping in the shade.


Earthchild618 said...

Sounds so pretty!

Elaina said...

Just don't visit in the winter or you won't be able to see anything through the rain.