Saturday, February 18, 2006

Where we started

We used to live, when we actually had a house, along the Mckenzie River. Lush verdant forests surround a quick, rushing river. The river attracts fishermen and those in for the thrill of white water rafting. Although I have to admit that I haven't done either. Well not on that river at least. Every year in the summer the fish hatchery has a free fishing day where they let children fish out of the ponds. I've taken Sapphire and Kenzie a couple times. It's always fun with a guarenteed catch. The area is a temperate rainforest, it's very wet and loaded with evergreen trees. Every summer we would spend swimming at the river or hiking at one of the many trails. At night we would be seranaded to sleep by a chorus of treefrogs. I miss living there. The house however leaked like a seive, we had scorpians and mice, our main source of heat was a woodstove. So I don't miss the house. I just miss the area. Well it's a great place to go for vacation.


Adi V. said...

And the flies. Don't forget the nasty, biting flies. They are mean and ugly and durned near indestructible. The one time my family went on a vacation in the Olympic National Forest I was bedeviled by flies and rather icked out by the fact that the slugs were larger than my seven year old hand.

Elaina said...

We actually didn't have to big a problem with misquitos because the river is too quick in the area where we lived. But the slugs were the bane of my garden.

Earthchild618 said...

Scorpions! {{Shiver}}