Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Now any of those who know me might have trouble believing this but I have no friends. Well I have one very best friend but since she is several hundred miles away I don't get to see her much. We did get tattoos together last time I was visiting. Sounds like a good bonding experience.

That was one thing that I didn't plan on when we decided to travel, the isolation and loneliness. Before while I didn't have a lot of friends I would still socialize. Mostly through the kids. I'd go to other kids parties and socialize with the mothers and at school functions. So I wasn't completely isolated. But now I'm homeschooling and I don't have that. I miss people. So now I'm thinking about taking a class or some such to meet people. Like I was dating or something. But then is it okay to make friends if you are just going to leave again in a couple months. I guess I'm one of those bff kind of people. I like to form lasting relationships not the kind that are dependent on any one situation.

I don't see much point in doing anything now anyways, we are supposed to be done here within the month. Maybe next stop I'll do something. I'm sure that the kids need to socialize as much as I do.

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Earthchild618 said...

It is hard to make friends when you live a life like you do.

I have alot of friends, however, I consider only about a handful of them to be lifelong friends. They are the ones I call if I am crying. They are the ones I call with good news. The rest just hear about it from my blog LOL.