Thursday, April 23, 2009

What I Did Today

Don't worry it's not an incredibly boring list of chores and such. If you remember, and can look back, my daughter is very interested in theater and acting. There is an extras agency not far from us and today I signed her up. It should be a learning experience for her. I'm sure she's going into it with all these kinds of expectations that will be very different from reality. But that's life.

My novel is coming along well. I've written another two chapters. One I'm not sure that I won't edit out later but it works in the novel now. It just started out a YA novel, now it's gotten rather graphic and some of the content is not what I would let my YA read. But I'll either market it as a sci fi/fantasy novel or just edit it. I love it as it is. I a writer we often have to kill our babies...I'm prepared. But I shocked my mother with how graphic and disturbing it was. I think if I gave her nightmares then it fulfilled my immediate goal.

My house is a mess. Really, I am not a good housekeeper/housewife. I'm untidy, disorganized and just messy. But I went for a walk in the sunshine today, watched my son throw rocks into the river and the dog try and fetch them. Rocko, our pup, is afraid of the water, he wouldn't go in past his belly. So Journey would throw the rocks in and then Rocko would bound in after them. When they went too far out he would sit there and bark at the water. I watered my garden and watched the rainbows dance. Journey and I played cars, which his was very bossy. I helped Sapphire with her fractions. Kenzie and I read the Cat in the Hat together, I only had to tell him about a word every page. Who needs a clean house....

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