Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waste of time

I left my phone at my mother's house after our visit last weekend. I do not have a home phone. So no one has been able to reach me, except by email, all week long. My poor hubby, he's thousands of miles away and couldn't even hear my voice.

So I went down there today to pick it up. I couldn't let them know, my mother never checks her email. Wouldn't you know I get there and can't find my phone. So I go to a payphone ( I know, hello, should have though about that before I drove the 100 miles) and call my mom to ask where she put my phone. My sister has it and is taking it to my house.

I get home and my sister is waiting there. We just missed each other. What a waste of time, gas and energy!

On a better note, I got my bathroom cleaned. I know pretty normal but the kids have been playing in the mud the past couple days and it was a practically a pigsty.

Now I'm relaxing with a glass of wine, which makes me a big funny. Now someone let me know how to insert a link.

This is just perfect right now.

It's just striking my mood, tickling my funny bone. It makes me laugh just imagining my grandparents hanging their coat on it when they come over for Thanksgiving.

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