Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Old Writing

I was just reading through some of my old stuff. Trying to get back into the right frame of mind, it's hard to write if you've forgotten in the meantime what you character was doing. But some of these are funny, sweet, or sensual. Just thought I'd share, as if anyone actually reads this. Hint-Ice Cream is not about ice cream, food can be very sensual.

The Porcelain God

I worship thee, morning, noon, and night.
I fall to my knees before you
Begging for reprieve.

Lost beyond control
Clinging tightly, afraid to fall
I give in to my body's demand.

How I try to stay away
No remedy can be found
I'm compelled to seek you.

So cold and hard
You stand unmoved
At my pain and tears.

Oh porcelain god,
How I long for delivery day!

Ice Cream

Round, milky
cherry tipped
cinnamon sprinkles

begging your tongue
to dance along
the curves
smooth and sweet

delicate lines
blueberry syrup
trickle down
pooling in the cleft

the warmth
of your breath
into puddles.

Dancing in the Rain
Pelting crystals
Melting diamonds
Raining down
On glistening skin

Moonlight limbs
Starlight eyes
Dancing in the rain
Under night skies

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