Friday, May 08, 2009

Doorknobs and Pansies

So today I changed all the doorknobs on the outside doors so they all have the same key. But what really led up to me changing the knobs was a startling discovery. I went to let the dog out back this morning and discovered some of my plants knocked over, a door that was back there on the ground and foot prints-human and animal- all over. It scared me even if nothing was missing and no one tried to get into the house. So I put a lock on the door to the porch and changed all the other locks so that they match.

It was another nice day today so I mowed the lawn. My head is still stuffy and aching. I need to wear a mask or take a pill before I mow. My allergies are killing me. For some reason they are so much worse than last year.

Then Journey and I planted pansies along the front walk. It looks really nice now. I need an edger so that it's a clean line. Not on the top of my priorities right now though.

Sapphie is spending the night at a friends house. She was so excited. Don't you miss slumber parties?

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