Sunday, May 03, 2009

Baking and Golf

An interesting combination....not that I did them together. I don't golf, my hubby does. He bought the kids some clubs awhile ago. There was one, don't ask me what, sitting in the back yard. Being so short I could actually use it. So instead of picking up the slimy ball to throw for the dog, I whacked it with the kids golf club. The kids thought that was hilarious. Mostly because I couldn't hit the side of a bus with the dang club and would have to swing at least three times before I hit the ball. I'm talking about a tennis ball here, not a golf ball. Yeah, hand eye co-ordination has never been my strong point. In fact any time I participated with any time of sport I have been injured, like breaking bones and needing stitches kind of injured. Still I killed several birds with one club, I exercised both the dog and I, and entertained the children. My day ends pretty good if I've made the kids laugh.

Now on to started to rain. So our outdoor adventures came to a close. I still had a little bit of bean soup leftover from the night before but it wasn't enough to feed everyone. So I added some tomato sauce, and corn, chili powder and cumin. Ta Da! Chili! The kids actually liked it better than the bean soup, and ham is interesting in chili. But you can't have chili without corn bread and since the oven was warm you have to make cookies. That's a rule right? So we made chocolate chip cookies and corn bread. No use wasting energy.

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