Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Pics

See Smoky was right, always make sure that your campfire is completely out. This is so much more dramatic in the spring/summer. When there isn't snow on the ground. The amount of devesation is just amazing. Journey took a picture of me. I'm not sure why it ended up all red. I have not edited this except to rotate it.
Covered Bridge. I really love the little town where this is and would love to finally settle down there. It's pretty close to all our family without being close enough that they are over at our house all the time.


Earthchild618 said...

Love the pics! The red pic is cool!

Veggiemomx4 said...

I think the red was in very cool as well. WTG journey!

Shelly said...

I Love the pictures! Especially the one of you. You look Great Red. lol. HUGS