Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Christmas Valley, Oregon - Camping

For Journey's birthday/ Memorial weekend we went camping in Christmas Valley, Oregon. Unlike what most people imagine when they think about Oregon it is not lush, green with lots of trees. There are few trees, mostly juniper, and those there are are short and rather stunted. The majority of plant life is sage brush. It's high desert. It gets really hot during the day and then very cold at night. Well generally in the summer months, but we happened to visit on an off weekend and we got rain and hail.
The kids had a blast. There were a lot of family and friends there. I think that the adults had more fun than the kids did, staying up until all hours drinking way too much. There were many hangovers the next day. The asprin bottle was passed around. I had a couple mixed drinks but I'm nursing still so I don't drink much. It was fun but I think that next year we'll go some place a little more quiet. The teenagers were really loud until all hours of the morning.

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