Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Balloon's over Bend

Dh's family came over this way to visit for the weekend. I think that we wore them out. On Saturday evening we went to the evening balloon light up. It was really cool. You could go out and tlak to the people as they were waiting to set up the balloons. There was live music, the kids danced themselves sleepy. Which was a good thing because then they were tired enough to sit still and watch them blow up the balloons. They just glowed in the evening dusk. It was a beautiful site. Next year if we are over this way we'll get up early to watch the balloons take off. They had 20-30 balloons take off in the way early morning that Saturday but we didn't want to wake up.

The next morning we got up and went to another balloon thing. they had three balloons set up in the high school field. They were giving free balloon rides. Not really rides. You got to go up into the air and then come back down. The balloons were still teathered. We got there a little too late though. We were in line waiting for a ride and the wind picked up and the balloons had to be taken down. But the kids and dh got to help take downt he balloon. Still Sapphire was crying int he car she was so dissappointed. Maybe next year. I take it though that they don't do that every year. They just did this year because the wind was too strong for them to take off.

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