Monday, May 22, 2006

Poor things

Well the baby fish did not make it. I think they got eaten by the frog. Poor momma. So we went out an got a couple more fish because the kids were so dissapointed. I am glad that we don't have any other pets. They keep asking for a kitten or a puppy but it's just too much work and not really fair to the animals to be living in such a small space.

I'm thinking about starting up a home business. Making dress up clothes. I don't know how it would work. I already have a lot on my plate and finding time to sew would be hard. But Randy supports me. Said that if it gets up and running he'll learn to sew and help me. That'll be interesting. I think he's excited for any chance to get out of his job and is willing to let me try just about anything I want. I think that it could be fun and rewarding but I don't know anything about running a business. Jeez I can't even balance my checkbook. How am I supposed to keep track of the finances? I'll make up a few things and see if they sell on E-bay. If so I guess I'll read up on small business and interenet business. There is a lot of literature out there nowadays. Okay enough babbling.


Spindrift said...

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I'll come by again.

Many thanks,

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Shelly said...

Sorry about the babies :(
I think your idea of making play dress up clothes is Great. I bet they would sell on Ebay for sure. Shelbie Loves to play with dress up clothes but all the ones you find at walmart and toys r us are to small for her.

Veggiemomx4 said...

sounds like a fun adventure.