Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cottage Grove, Oregon

We were staying in the Cottage Grove area for two weeks. I love it down there. I think I love it mostly because that's where my husband and I grew up. Our families still live there. My husband's family has been there so long that they have a road named after them. It was wonderful visiting with our families. I had a daquari party with my mom and sister. Went shopping for books with my sister in law. We went to the park and ate ice cream. Just hung out together. I am one of those lucky people who happened to have married into a family that I love just as much as my own. They are wonderful supportive people.

We stayed in the Village Green Park the first week because it was close to in laws. But it was right next to Walmart and there were some weirdos camping out in the parking lot there so we moved. But it would be nice if you were staying in the hotel. It used to be a luxery resort and has the most amazing gardens. It got neglected for several years but there are new owners that are reviving it.

We moved next to Pass Creek Park, in Curtain, Or. It is a County park that is just lvoely. It has all the rv hookups, showers and laundry facilities. There is a arge pond with geese, ducks and about a dozen goslings. There are also two friendly newtria. Which for those of you who haven't seen them are like a cross between a beaver and a rat. Imagine a beaver with a rat tail. So ugly they are almost cute. They come up to the shore and beg like the ducks and geese. There were play structures and picnic tables. We really enjoyed it there. Next on to Central Oregon, Bend area. Will update later.

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