Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Bags and A Fantastic Pattern

So I've been sewing like crazy getting ready for the Saturday market I'm doing this summer. I go through moods where I love sewing certain things and will just make a ton of them. Lately I've been loving bags, esspecially the Buttercup Bag. So it's a free pattern if you aren't going to sell them but I plan on selling them so I bought the pattern. It's so simply but looks fantastic. And when I bought the pattern there was a larger version, because I carry around a lot of crap. So the two brown, one of the denim floral and the smaller diamond pattern ones below are Buttercup Bags.

When trying out patterns they don't always end up looking so good or working out well. Like the top left bag... it looks okay in the pic but I ended up getting interfacing on my iron and getting it on the bag. It's got a couple spots that look like grey boogers stuck to it. I managed to scrape off the most of it but it left behind a couple grey spots that won't come out so it'll be a freebie. Then the skull bag, how the heck did I manage to twist one of the handles before sewing it on? Then after ripping it out and resewing it on it got all bunched up and now I'm ready to throw the stupid thing across the room. Such a shame because it was pretty cute.

I think the applique on the the two totes looks a little funky in the pictures, looks so much better in real life. I need to practice with taking picture so much. Of course it might help if they weren't just laying on my cluttered dining room table. But who has the time?

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