Monday, August 04, 2008

My Melodramatic Kids

Sapphire finished up a theater camp mid July. She had a blast, made lots of friends, and we are still singing "It's a hard knock life...". The kids did great, it was very entertaining.

Now Sapphire and Kenzie are participating in a local childrens play. They are doing Snow White. Sapphire is a woodland animal and Kenzie is a bat. He was very shy and bashful. So unlike himself. I hope they can both meet some kids their own age and make friends. Since we have settled down they haven't met too many kids. It's hard to meet other homeschoolers in a rural area. The nearest group is 20 miles away. With gas prices getting together once a week isn't feasible. So I hope they make some local friends.

Once public school starts back up all the other activities will again also, i.e. Boyscouts, 4H, FFA. And while we haven't done any of those I was hoping since we are settled we could this year.

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