Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moving again

No big surprise there. We will be headed to lovely central Washington, within a couple weeks most likely. Dh is heading up there tomorrow to check out the job and plan and whatever things he does to prepare for a new job, order parts?? I am not exactly sure but it requires planning and organization two things which I am sorely lacking. Both of which are kicking me in the butt right now as I get ready to move. I have boxes and boxes of stuff. Did I mention that I have a small tendency to be a pack rat? But I am overcoming that, the local freecycle and Goodwill are my friends. Now if people would come when they say they are going to but that's another matter.

No pictures of my mess but there has to be a better way. Has anyone tried one of those Pods storage things? I was thinking that would be nice since they deliver it. We have some family pieces of furniture that we have to put into storage but I'm not that attached to much else. Except my books, if I've read them why is so hard to get rid of them? There are few books that I will read again and again. Most of them I would consider reference books (love Dr. Sears!). But really how many reference books do I need, and do I really need to keep my A&P and Chemistry text when I won't be finishing school until Journey start Kindergarten at least. Help, my name is Elaina and I have a problem. I hoard useless books!


Earthchild618 said...

My friend just moved and used the Pods thing and LOVED it!

Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about the new place!

Anonymous said...

Sorry hon, I think it's hereditary. Love the site.