Friday, August 04, 2006

My family reunion

This year it was at Willamette Mission State Park. It's the first year I've been here. Last year we missed it because we were moving. As you drive in there are fields of corn and rows upon rows of berries. It's rather dry though. We didn't have a camp fire this year. It was still fun. One of my cousins had a son just under a month after Journey was born so he had a playmate. There was so much food. I swear I gained back the 15lbs that I lost. Yum, fresh made ice cream. Here's the kids all standing around waiting for the ice cream to be ready. The stood there for like 20 minutes waiting and then gave up and went to play. Of course it was only like ten more minutes before it was done but I admire their patience.


BabyBlogger said...

I love your blog. Are you also a photographer? Your photos are truly breathtaking!

Elaina said...

No, but thank you.