Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally some decent weather

All week it has been raining. They've gotten almost their whole monthly average rainfall here already and it's not a week into the month. It was nice today though. A little overcast but warm. I took the kids for a walk. We were taking a dirt path that runs behind the park to the golf course. The park is right up against the course, just a small burm in between them. Anyways we were walking along, picking up rocks and suddenly I hear this screeching. It wasn't my kids. It was a bird, on the ground, on her nest. Not even in the grass or anything, just in the dirt. Not a very smart bird, although I didn't see her until she started squawking at me. The kids thought that was really neat. Especially Sapphire, she wants to be an animal control officer when she grows up. Watches animal cops on Animal planet all the time. She's so sensitive, she was crying because of some things on the show the other day.

Then there is animal killer. Not on purpose, don't get all pissed off. You see the only pets we had are some goldfish, about 8 of them in a 20 gallon tank. It's a pain to drain when we move but the kids like it. So I put a bottle of infants advil on the tank and it tipped over. Well the lid must not of been on all the way because our fish started slowly dying off. At first it was just the little ones and I thought that Dorthy, our big one, was getting hungry. But then the rest started floating and we discovered the bottle. It had probably been a week. We took the remain three fish out and put them in clean bowl of water but to no avail. I drugged out fish to death. Bad pet owner. And they let me have kids....

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